Lovely to Meet You

Hi Peeps, 

I’m Eliza Jong.  I’m a Yorkshire lass born and bred and live here with Husband, who for the budding detectives amongst you, that’s right, is my husband.  We have 2 beautiful if not slightly feral children who are my little ankle biters, 2 crazy dogs, a lizard and until recently some fish which have now died Thank God. They kept getting that thing that made them blow up (like a blowfish, not a bomb) and swim in circles upside down and I couldn’t decide if it was cruel or kind to flush them so I left them and hoped for the best which clearly did nothing as now they’re all dead. Swimbladder.  That’s what it was. Maybe? Anyway on the plus side I don’t have to clean out the tank anymore which was a shitty job, so win win.  I have a part time job in a bank but my main full time job is being a mum, a wife and a homemaker.  I write about what’s on my mind, little observations I come across, my family, homelife, parenting imperfectly, being a professional referee to my 2 ankle biters, interesting incidents, embarrassing and difficult situations that I’ve found myself in, pirates, teenage tantrums, personal hygiene, housework ,hairy beavers and maybe even about the Asda shop. Whatever I ramble on about it’s always honest, never made up, sometimes brutal and mostly with a splash of humour. I am a long time sufferer of chronic verbal diarrhoea and have a tendency to overshare. I apologise now if talk of zombies, murderers or anything spy related creeps in but I have an overactive imagination and a love for crime dramas. Zombies are the only thing I’m scared of, except trains but that is totally irrational so we’ll say no more.  Women supporting women is something that is close to my heart and something there isn’t enough of in the world. I’m a huge fan of accepting what life throws at you, and believe if we share a story it helps keep the breakdowns at bay. As a general rule if it’s rude, lewd, inappropriate or gross then I’ll love it.  I wont be everyones cup of tea and that’s okay because you can’t be all things to all men so … this is me.

Love Eliza x